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Son Of The Blob (1974)

Original VHS Release-Video Gems
No Number


Country: US VHS 1974

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Front Side

Back Side


VHS Release-New Horizons No Number

Country: US VHS 1989

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Original DVD Release-Image Entertainment No Number

Country: US DVD 2000

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                VHS releases

USA         Video Gems No Number (1974)

USA         New Horizons No Number (1989)


                DVD release

USA         Image Entertainment No Number (2000)



                    "Son Of The Blob" is a B movie that includes appearances by both Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill.  The movie is billed as a comedy/shocker.


                    The movie was produced by Larry Hagman and includes Godfrey Cambridge, Carol Lynley, Burgess Meredith, Shelley Berman, Gerrit Graham, Cindy Williams, and Dick Van Patten.


                    The story line involves a bunch of goo (the red blob) that was accidentally defrosted after it was brought back from the Arctic. If it is not kept frozen it keeps growing and devouring people. Randy plays a part of a student and hangs out with Cindy Williams (of Laverne & Shirley fame). He even does a brief song. Larry is one of the students who helps stop the blob. He has a few spoken parts and always seems to be either eating something or looking for food. The story is that this movie was filmed in two weeks and it sure looks like it. The movie is terrible but the novelty of seeing Larry and Randy acting is too much to resist. The good news is that Larry does not get eaten by the blob. Want to know what happens to Randy? Go get your own copy!


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.