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Messiah Myron Berg

Messiah (live from "Stop This Flight"): probably my favorite LN song and it's not even one from his "glory years" in the 70's. I first heard this song around Christmas 1985 and it gave me the chills, shivers, goose bumps, or whatever you want to call it, something that has only happened to me a few select times when listening to music. By Larry's standards, not an overly in depth song lyrically, but the prophetic imagery is very powerful and lends that comforting feeling that Jesus really, is and will continue to be our Savior. The music and instrumental arrangement give it an eerie rock vibe that would lend itself nicely to the visual enhancements of properly done music video. While the live recording and performance is quite well done, I have to wonder if this song was ever recorded in the studio. I would be curious to hear what treatment the "official" version was/would have been given.

Shot Down Myron Berg This song has sentimental value for me as it was the song that changed my mind about Larry's music and instantly transformed me into a fan. The first LN album I heard was "So Long Ago The Garden" (at the age of 14) and being of a more narrow Christian mindset at the time, I viewed that album as being worldly and inconsistent with how a Christian should be portrayed in a musical setting. The following year I was at my cousin's place and he was playing "In Another Land". When I heard "Shot Down" something clicked in me and I suddenly got it. The energetic 50's retro rock music approach was catchy and addictive and message of the song attacked my judgmental attitude right between the eyes. Ever noticed how Larry's voice sounds different on this track, a little fuller and deeper, kind of like Elvis? For starters, it's obvious the lead vocal is double tracked. I've also assumed that when it was recorded, they had the tape machine running faster at a higher pitch and then when it was played back for mixing it was at the regular speed, altering the vocal sound to what we are familiar with. I recall a guy I went to Bible School with who said he hated this song because he thought it portrayed Larry as being "full of himself". I told him he was missing the point of the song which is our focus should be on Jesus and proclaiming His name above all else.
I Am A Servant Greg Chenoweth Larry Norman's "I Am A Servant" has always been my anthem for being a Christian. It started during my first year after asking Jesus to come into my life; this is 1979. It was my first summer away from college, being home when I wanted to be with my friends. My girlfriend was 100 miles away and I had no transportation to go see her. It had not clicked into my new Christian brain that I should read the Bible at all. I was dependent on outside sources for my understanding of God.

I was meeting with an old friend of mine for fellowship at a Sizzler Steak House in my home town. I was spouting all of my Catholic and Beatles
philosophy concerning God at him, and his main response was, Well, I don't know what the Beatles say, but I do know what the Bible says; and it says. . .

It made me so mad that I started reading the Bible just so I could give a sharp reply to Dave's know-it-all attitude (my perception at the time, not
reality). I'm glad it worked. I haven't been able to stop reading the Bible now for over 25 years.
When I started reading the Bible, I came across this verse from Matthew 20:28: "The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." I really felt the Lord spoke to me at that moment and said, "This is what I want you to do in all circumstances. I do not want you to look to be served, but instead to serve. In all areas of life, I want you to ask this question, 'How can I serve here?' and then do it." I had never heard God's voice before that moment, and I will never forget it.
Immediately I remembered Larry's song, "I Am A Servant" and put it on my portable cassette player and listened to it with headphones on. I felt the whole song reiterated to me in poetic form what Jesus had just asked me to do.

I listened to it over and over and over again throughout the rest of the summer. It helped me to focus and to learn what being a servant was all
about. When I got to college in the fall, all of my friends noticed that there was a big change in me from when I left in the spring. Even my
girlfriend couldn't believe the difference in me. It was night and day. I was on fire for Jesus, and I was focused in the right direction.