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Stranded In Babylon (1991)

Original CD Release-Spark SK-7017

Country: Holland CD 1991

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Front Side

Back Side

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CD Label


2nd CD Release-Solid Rock SRD-016

Country: US CD 1994

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CD Label


3rd CDR Release-Solid Rock SRD-016

Country: US CDR 2004

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4th CD Release-Solid Rock SRDX-007

Country: US CD 2009

Stranded In Babylon - Side One 

Stranded In Babylon - Side Two 

Front Side

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Stranded In Babylon - CD

CD Label

                CD releases

USA         Solid Rock SRD-016 (1993, 1994, 2004)

USA         Solid Rock SRDX-007 (2009)

NL           Spark SK-7017 (1991)


                Cassette releases

CAN        Solid Rock SRX-016 (1994)

NL           Spark SKC-7017 (1991)


                Song listing US CD

                Oh Lydia

                God Part III*

                Step Into The Madness*

                Come Away

                Hide His Heart

                Baby's Got The Blues*

                All The Way Home*

                Love Is A Commitment*

                I Will Survive*

                A Dangerous Place To Be*

                White Trash Stomp

                Under The Eye*

                Let The Rain Fall Down



                    "Stranded In Babylon" is an album with all new tracks; recorded in Sweden (1988) and overdubbed by The Albino Brothers (= Larry & Charly Norman) in Norway (1991).


                    Some of the US re-issue tracks are "remixed, re-edited, and remastered" (these are marked with an asterisk in the listing). The song order is different too (the US song order is given). The US CD booklet differs a lot from the Dutch booklet.


                    In 1993 there was a US release of the Dutch CD, available to the US market for only a very short time.


                    The Spark tape has an offer on how to order the complete 56-page CD booklet. The Spark CD has a 20-page booklet; the US booklet only has 12 pages.


                    The Solid Rock tape lists SRX 016 on the J card but SRC 016 on the shell.


                    There's a promo CD on Sonrise (1995) with tracks from "Stranded In Babylon" and "In Another Land" it has two versions of "Let The Rain Fall Down."


                    The 2004 and 2009 US releases follow the song listing and order of the original Dutch release.


   All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.