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Streams Of White Light Into Darkened Corners (1977)

Original LP Release - AB Records AB-777

Country: US Single slip 1977

Note: The article included in the LP version differs from that of the CD version.

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Front Side

Back Side


Original CD Release-Solid Rock SRD-028

Country: US CD 1998

Note: The article included in the LP version differs from that of the CD version.

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Front Side

Back Side


CD Label

2nd CD Release-Solid Rock SRDX-006

Country: US CD 2009

Streams Of White Light - Side One 

Streams Of White Light - Side Two 

Front Side

Back Side

Streams Of White Light - CD

CD Label

                LP release

USA         AB AB-777 (1977)


                CD releases

USA         Solid Rock SRD-028 (1998)

USA         Solid Rock SRDX-006 (2009)


                Cassette releases

USA         AB XAB-777 (1977)

USA         Phydeaux ARF-028 (1988/89)


                8 Track release

USA         AB 8AB-777 (1977)


                Song listing original LP

Side 1       Spirit In The Sky

                                Written by Norman Greenbaum

                Put Your Hand In The Hand

                                Written by Gene MacLellan

                Bridge Over Troubled Water

                                Written by Paul Simon

                Let It Be

                                Written by Paul McCartney

                My Sweet Lord

                                Written by George Harrison

                Presence Of The Lord

                                Written by Eric Clapton

Side 2       I Think He's Hiding

                                Written by Randy Newman

                He Gives Us All His Love

                                Written by Randy Newman

                Stranger In A Strange Land

                                Written by Leon Russell

                Prince Of Peace

                                Written by Leon Russell

                Song For Adam

                                Written by Jackson Browne

                Shine A Light

                                Written by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards


                Extra tracks on Phydeaux cassette & Solid Rock CDs

                The Road And Sky

                                Written by Jackson Browne

                I Am Waiting

                                Written by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards



                    AB LP 777 came with a four-page insert; it was released with pink and with beige labels.


                    On this album Larry Norman takes a humorous/satirical look at the early 70's "religious pop music" trend. It does not feature any original Larry Norman compositions, just cover versions of rather well-known songs. Randy Stonehill plays the role of a DJ (as Surf Duke). The album was probably recorded in 1976, as this year is given on the CD release; on the back cover of the album Larry Norman gives an introduction to the album which mentions 1974!


                    Larry Norman plays the role of a DJ on the extra CD tracks (as The Big Bomber); he's not present on the Phydeaux tape. At the end of the CD, Larry Norman mentions the song "Jesus Was A Cross Maker" (written by Judee Sill). The song is not there but it can be found as "Sweet Silver Angels" on the CD "Agitator - The Essential, volume 2"


                    On the Phydeaux tape, "The Road And Sky" can be found at the end of side 1, "I Am Waiting" at the end of side 2. Both have short introductions. "Shine A Light" on the Phydeaux tape is approximately 40 seconds shorter than on the other releases.


                    On the CD itself and on the CD back cover the number SRD-030 is given. This must be a mistake, since SRD-030 is the number of the original CD version of "White Blossoms From Black Roots"


                    "The Road And Sky" is the title given on the cassette, while the CD gives this title as "The Road And The Sky."


                    There has been mention of "Streams Of White Light Part 2 and Part 3" but they were never released.


        All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.