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What follows is a listing of albums, film titles and stage musicals that are mentioned by Phydeaux, in various discographies, articles and who knows where else. Most of them have never been released; some are bootlegs, and some might not exist at all. The years given might be inaccurate.


1.                   Alison

                (Rockmusical, 1968)




2.                   Also Sprach Kazoostra

                (Comedy, 1972)




3.                   Back To America II

                Mentioned on the Phriends Of Phydeaux "Stuff For Sale" Internet page. Probably a typo for "Face To Face, Volume 2." See "Stop This Flight" for more details.




4.                   Banned

                (By The Solid Rock Blues Band and/or The Young Lions, 1978).




5.                   Before And After

                (A tribute album to Bob Dylan, probably recorded in the UK around 1982; "Just Like A Woman" has been released on "Barking At The Ants" "Barking At The Oops! Rough Mix #3" and "Rough Street Love Letter." "Positively 4th Street" was released on "Rock, Scissors et Papier").




6.                   Before The Fall

                (There's a video called "Night Before The Fall").




7.                   Behind The Curtain

                (Unreleased album from 1984 with probably older material it was scheduled for a May 1986 release according to the front cover of "Back To America" "If I Got My Ticket" has been released on "The Story Of The Tune" on the back cover of this album - a 1983 release! - it says this song is from "Behind The Curtain").




8.                   Birthday For Shakespeare

                (Rockmusical, 1968)




9.                   Black And White

                ("Parson Brown", officially released on the CD "Gathered Moments (Somewhere In This Lifetime)" is from the "Black And White Sessions" - 1976 - according to the booklet that came with "Moments." It ended up on "Rough Mix" according the same booklet, because Word didn't want to release the songs from the "Black And White Sessions").




10.                Bootleg 2




11.                Brothers At Last

(The CD "Solid Rock Sampler 1" includes two duets with Randy Stonehill and these should be from the "Brothers At Last" tapes).




12.                Burning




13.                Chasing The Wolves





14.                City Of The Lost Angels

                (Album number 10; unreleased, some songs might have been recorded).




15.                Communique





16.                Cyberia

                (Internet stuff)




17.                Escape From Exile

                (Recorded, 1984)




18.                Europa





19.                Face To Face, Volume 2

                (Of this album only a promo 12" single was released; see "Stop This Flight" There's a video with the same title ("Face To Face")! What about vol. 1?)




20.                Fire And Ice

                (1979, The Young Lions)




21.                Heart To Heart





22.                Howling At The Moon

                (See "Rough Street Love Letter" for more details, 1980).




23.                Island In The Sky

                (Album number 9; only "Deep Blue" seems to have been released; see "Barking At The Ants" "Barking At The Oops! Rough Mix #3" "Rough Street Love Letter" and the CD version of "Something New Under The Son" More songs might have been recorded but this album was probably never finished).




24.                Journey Of The Jubilant

                (Mentioned in the booklets of "Children Of Sorrow" and "Totally Unplugged")




25.                Journey To The Son

                (Unreleased live album, 1973-74)




26.                L'epoque De Dieu (The Epic)

                (1966; side two of the "People: I Love You" LP by People?)




27.                Le Garage Du Monde

                (A recorded but unreleased album; 1976, "Why Can't You Be Good" from this album has been released on "Down Under (But Not Out)")




28.                Lion's Breath

                (Rock opera; 1969? According to an MGM pamphlet "Lion's Breath" was finished in 1973 and there were plans to record it).




29.                Live From Carnegie Hall

                (1978, a bootleg recording)




30.                Love On Haight Street

                (Rockmusical, 1969, the title song was released on the "Rough Street Love Letter" CD).




31.                More People Sessions





32.                On The Road





33.                One Night Only

                (Probably "The Israel Tapes")




34.                One Night At Royal Albert Hall

                (1972, a bootleg recording)




35.                Orphans From Eden

                (Recorded but unreleased, Solid Rock, 1974; "It's Only Today That Counts" is released on the CD version of "Something New Under The Son" and on "Footprints In The Sand" "Soul On Fire" has been released on "Down Under (But Not Out)" The song "Morning Glory" on the CD "Hi-Fi Demonstration Record" by Wondergroove was written by Larry Norman and his sister Kristy for "Orphans From Eden").




36.                Ose Enco

                (1978, The Young Lions, there might be a test pressing and a bootleg version on cassette, also titled: "First Amendment Ose Enco!?")




37.                Presque Vu

                (A song with this title is being mentioned on the insert that came with the Street Level re-issue of "Only Visiting This Planet")




38.                Pushing Back The Darkness

                (Yet unreleased album - 90s)




39.                Red, White And Blues

                (First mentioned on the "American Roots" CD, this was an unreleased 1976 trilogy where Larry Norman looked back on American roots music).




40.                Rehearsal For Reality

                (There is a release with this title on Royal Music (see "Rehearsal For Reality") the Phydeaux album is mentioned on "The Story Of The Tune" and should feature "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" - which is not on the Royal Music LP. 1984 with The Young Lions).




41.                Rough Mix #1, #2

                (See "Something New Under The Son" "Barking At The Oops! Rough Mix #3" "The Story Of The Tune" and "Rough Street Love Letter" for more details. There are probably two tapes with a "Rough Mix" title, but it's all rather confusing. Larry Norman probably pressed just a few copies of these and they got heavily bootlegged. I don't know if this is Rough Mix #2, but I guess not. See "Something New Under The Son" for more details on this release. See also "Black And White" in this part of the discography).




42.                Saronsdal Rocks

                (Film soundtrack, there's a video called "Larry Norman I Sarons Dal" - Norway, 1982)




43.                Second Invasion

                (1979, The Young Lions)




44.                Sessions
(Also known as the "Donation CD," it will be send to people that made a donation of at least $100 for the medical trust fund. The winter 2003 newsletter offers this CD for a $100 donation.)




45.                Spirit And Flesh

                (The Young Lions)




46.                Straight And Narrow

                (1983, The Young Lions)




47.                Streams Of White Light, Part 2, Part 3

                (Late 70's, they might have been recorded, only part 1 was released: "Streams Of White Light Into Darkened Corners).




48.                Sudden Explosion

                (Mentioned on a 1982 concert flyer and on the inserts of later copies of "Letter Of The Law" and "Labor Of Love").




49.                Sydney Opera House - Sold Out

                (1977, a bootleg recording)




50.                The Capitol Sessions

                (This might be the "We Wish You A Larry Christmas" CD. See also "The People Sessions")




51.                The Destruction Of Babylon

                (Album number 13; unreleased)




52.                The Edge Of Space

                (Album number 14; unreleased)




53.                The Gospel According To Moresell Moresold

                (Comedy, 1973)




54.                The Invasion Of Earth

                (Album number 12; unreleased)




55.                The MGM Sessions





56.                The People Sessions

                (This might be the "We Wish You A Larry Christmas" CD. See also "The Capitol Sessions")




57.                The Rock Sessions

                (Mentioned in the US booklet of "Stranded In Babylon").




58.                The War Between The Sun And Moon

                (Album number 11; unreleased)




59.                Thirty Years 1956 - 1986

                (Mentioned on the front cover of "Back To America" this is probably the "Down Under (But Not Out)" double LP or the CD, "White Blossoms From Black Roots").




60.                Twenty Five Years

                ("Country Church, Country People" has been issued on "The Story Of The Tune" - that's where this album title is mentioned - and on the Swedish "Down Under (But Not Out)" and "Home At Last").




61.                Undercover




62.                Video Blitz

                (Film soundtrack, France, 1982)




63.                Vox Populi

                (A rock musical, 1966, featuring "Ashes Of Me" and "Somebody Tell Me My Name" according to the "On Being" booklet that came with the Australian "Down Under (But Not Out)" tape - see also "People: I Love You").




64.                Vox Populi

                (New version, 1978, The Young Lions)




65.                Voyage Of The Vigilant

                (Recorded, contains "Twelve Good Men" - released on the CD version of  "Something New Under The Son" and on the CD "Footprints In The Sand" Also contains "Three Million Gods" and "Cats Of The Coliseum", 1977 - this year is given on the booklet of "Remixing This Planet").




66.                War And Peace

                (1984, The Young Lions)




67.                Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music

                (Film soundtrack, UK, 1972)




68.                X-Mass

                (Comedy, 1971)


above information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen (v6)